Sunday, May 29, 2016

What inspires me

Fear always limits your ability to live. It brings nightmare when you try to think beyond it. There are moments in when one is about to take a decision, about to do what he fears the most, about to take a leap of faith, those are the most memorable moments in one’s life. Taking the decision and conquering your fear is a strenuous step. For me, the moment once you have taken this leap of faith there is inspiration. If I succeeded in conquering my fear it tells me that I am powerful beyond measure, and if I failed, it inspires me to return to that moment someday and take that leap of faith.

Being an adventurer I have had many of these leaps of faith. It was my fear of height that took me to the Himalayas for a mountaineering camp, although I was unable to successfully complete the camp I have conquered my fear of heights, and I am sure I would return to successfully complete the camp one day. It was my inability to skate that took me for a Snow skiing camp at Gulmarg. The moment of releasing myself from the crest of the slopes to reach speeds over 60 kmph, the chilling wind gushing past the body, your body shivering of fear of being able to stop without crashing and then being able to stop yourself without crashing. That one push, the leap of faith, transforms your biggest fear to the biggest fun in your life. The fear of rushing water took me to raft in the white icy waters of Beas. I overcame the fear of falling into rushing icy waters by jumping into the water myself although with a life jacket. Although gasping initially, I hesitated getting back on the raft. My fear of deep blue sea took me to Andamans to Scuba dive in the blue waters of the great Indian Ocean. Getting off the boat, in the middle of nowhere, without any breathing apparatus, before the first dive was something I had not thought in the wildest of my dreams. It was a leap of faith and my fear of oceans became my passion. 30 meters beneath the ocean surface where the pressure around makes your lungs 1/4th in size, lucky not to get narced. That was the place I enjoyed the most. Being able to feel and hear every single breath and heartbeat. Being a guest in an entirely new planet. Being neutrally buoyant and being closest to the feeling of being in space without actually going there. And then a school of 600 threatening Giant Barracudas surround and circle around you, from a moment you could die it becomes the greatest moment in your life when you reach the surface. My inspiration has always been these moments when I challenged my fears. It has always been those seconds when you take the leap of faith that you can never forget. It inspires me not to accept the limit.

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